Uncovering how 40-Hz light and sound can help Alzheimer’s disease. Imagining the future of medicine.

【Elucidated how light and sound at 40 Hz (40 times per second) help Alzheimer’s disease!】


・Previous studies have shown that 40 Hz sound and light can reduce the amount of amyloid-β protein in the brain, a protein that is found in Alzheimer’s disease, but the mechanism of this reduction was not known.

Now, a mouse study conducted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the U.S. has revealed the mechanism by which 40 Hz sound and light per second flushes harmful amyloid-β protein from the brain.

The 40-Hz stimuli enhance the flow of “flushing fluid” in the brain, flushing toxic amyloid-β out of the brain.

A switch called aquaporin 4 (AQP4), an existing faucet system that regulates the amount of flushing fluid, was found to be activated by 40-Hz stimulation.

・Shionogi and Pixie Dust Technology, Inc. in Japan are developing a special technology that can bias TV and radio sounds to a 40 Hz “gamma wave sound” in real time.


The above is a quote from the article






Will Sound Keep Playing in the Hospital Rooms of the Future? Future Medicine in Sound, Light and Electromagnetic Waves


I am also interested in music therapy and wrote about Shionogi’s 40 Hz frequency device in my blog two years ago.


【Music therapy? Frequency (EEG) equipment sold about Spring 2023? What musicians think.】


However, at the time, the mechanism as to why 40 Hz was effective for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease was not well understood.

This time, the mechanism seems to have been found.


In my blog of two years ago, I, I reasoned from the viewpoint of brain waves, but it seems that it was not such a mechanism.^^;


It seems that the accumulation of amyloid beta protein in the brain leads to Alzheimer’s disease, etc. 40 Hz seems to activate a switch that produces a cleaning fluid that flushes out the protein.


It may be that 40Hz stimulation makes it easier for the brain to turn on the switch for the cleaning fluid.

Since there is a possibility that 40 Hz can cure the disease without medication, etc., perhaps 40 Hz sounds will continue to be heard in hospital rooms and wards that treat Alzheimer’s and dementia in the future. (I wonder if those rooms and wards are soundproofed to prevent the sound from leaking out?)


One more thing I was wondering about the 40Hz sound and the expression “light”. I understand sound, but what is light? I wondered.


It is true that light also has a frequency. But I wondered what 40Hz light was, so I did some Internet research.



Borrowed images from this site.↓

【Calculation of the energy of light|Derivation of the formula and the relationship between wavelength and frequency and exchange】


Looking at this table (image), I wonder if 40 Hz is an extremely low frequency (electromagnetic field)?


Looking at this table, I am reminded that the visible light we see is really a microscopic part of the world.

Gamma rays and X-rays have only recently been discovered in the context of human history,

In the future, perhaps the health effects (or harmful effects?) of sound, light, and electromagnetic waves of various frequencies and frequency bands, not only 40 Hz, will be discovered more and more. In the future, we may discover more and more health effects (or harmful effects?) of various frequencies, light, and electromagnetic waves.


Medical developments such as organ transplantation, organ cloning, gene therapy (modification), etc., have been amazing, but we may see amazing things happen in terms of sound, light, and electromagnetic waves as well, and medical treatments that we cannot even imagine now may be established.


See you then


We live in an age where we can order AI to “make music in the style of something,” and it will soon be able to make music. In the future, we may someday be able to order AI to “make music (Hz) to suit my physical condition that will help me recover from my illness,” and have music therapy (Hz) customized for me. I am delusional.




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