4 Nutritional Ingredients That Help You Feel Not Fatigued, but Actually Fatigued

【Names of four “nutrients” that “really relieve fatigue.”】


・It is highly likely that foods that are claimed to be “good for fatigue” contain ingredients that only decrease “fatigue” through antioxidant effects.

・After much effort, we found that four nutrients have the ability to increase phosphorylated eIF2α dephosphorylase and to increase the Fatigue Index, i.e., to relieve physiological fatigue.

・Unfortunately, the inhibitory effects of these four components on inflammatory cytokine production in the liver were not as strong as those of the antioxidants. This means that even if you consume these four substances, it is difficult to feel “relieved” from fatigue.

The four nutrients are gamma oryzanol, quercetin, anserine, and beta-alanine.


The above is a quote from the article






Nutritional components that relieve actual fatigue, not tiredness


Are you tired? Do you feel tired?


According to the 2023 data, 76.8% of Japanese men and 80.1% of Japanese women answered that they are tired.


However, as mentioned above, “feeling tired” does not necessarily equal “my body is actually tired.


For example,

Injecting caffeine into your body with coffee or nutritional drinks may make you feel energized, but this only makes you feel excited and cheats the feeling of fatigue; it does not mean that you are actually tired.

In addition, you may feel something wrong with your body and realize for the first time that you were tired. In fact, in many cases, I have noticed that I was tired only after I developed herpes.


Fatigue and actual fatigue. It is really a difficult question.


The nutritional ingredients mentioned above do not remove the feeling of fatigue, but they do relieve the actual fatigue of the body (in a sense, they are the opposite of nutritional drinks). (In a sense, it may be the opposite of a nutritional drink ^^;)


Four types of nutrients


・Gamma oryzanol

Rice germ oil, rice oil, etc.


Onion, apple, sunny lettuce, broccoli, molokheiya, etc.


Tuna, bonito, salmon, shark, etc.


Chicken breast, pork (gelatin), herring (dried kazunoko), egg white, beef jerky, pork fillet, pork cartilage, etc.


I would definitely like to take it actively to recover from body fatigue.

However, as I have said many times before, taking this does not immediately relieve fatigue.^^


【9 Habits of Unconsciously “Tiring Yourself Out】

1, Exposure to emotionally charged content
2, Being in an uncluttered environment
3, Have a number of unfinished tasks
4, Skipping training
5、Too many open tabs
6、Spending time in a stooped posture
7、Drinking alcohol before bed
8、Sitting all day long
9, Spend too much time indoors

I know these are just a few examples,

It is difficult to do all of these things, isn’t it? ^^;

However, I think it is relatively easy to be aware of the above 4 nutrients and eat them.


【Steve Jobs’ last words】


One of Job’s famous quotes goes something like this.

“Eat as if food were medicine, or you will have to take it as if it were medicine. Otherwise, you will have to take medicine as if it were a meal.”


We should eat a variety of foods, including the four types of nutrients, for the sake of our bodies.

See you then


The “feeling of fatigue” and “actual physical fatigue.” Once again, I have a lot to think about.





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