Cheer Leader Effect. A group of people appear more attractive than a single person.

【A group photo is more attractive than a single photo! What is the “cheerleader effect”?】


・A study by Drew Walker and colleagues at the University of California confirmed that groups of subjects are more attractive than subjects alone.

・This phenomenon is known as the “cheerleader effect.”

・The greater the number of people in the group, the higher the individual attractiveness did not increase. If there were three people in the group other than myself, the “cheerleader effect” would increase the level of individual attractiveness

・The “cheerleader effect” seems to occur not only with the face, but also with the body. In other words, when we are with other people, our bodies are more likely to appear attractive

The study also reported that the “cheerleader effect” was stronger when the participants were asked to rate the attractiveness of the photos from memory over time, rather than by looking at them.

・In other words, the “cheerleader effect” may be a memory bias that makes people who were in a group feel more attractive when they think back on it later, rather than a large number of people seeming more attractive



The above is a quote from the article




If you want to increase your attractiveness, you need more people than a single person.


The cheerleader effect is interesting.

It seems that people are more attractive when they are seen as one of many rather than alone.

It seems that if there are 3 people other than yourself, the attractiveness level improves very much due to the cheerleader effect, so let’s manage to get 3 people. LOL (since there is no change in the numerical value of attractiveness from 4 or more people, 3 is enough)


The fact that idol groups with multiple members look somewhat cool and cute may be due in part to the cheerleader effect.


In my case, thanks to the drinking parties I host once a month, I feel like I am often photographed with more than one person. Does that mean, in other words, that the cheerleader effect makes me look a little more attractive too?^^


Well, I rarely take selfies alone,

I have no intention of showing it to others,

I think it is sensible to know that a picture taken with others looks more attractive than a selfie taken by one person.



I wonder if the cheerleader effect is limited to humans? I am wondering if this effect can be applied to goods (products) and services as well.


For example,

It is more attractive to propose a product as one among many than as a stand-alone product.


What do you think?


It is interesting to consider this area.^^


See you then.


After all, a picture of you surrounded by your friends looks attractive. If you are attractive, people will gather around you. And you will also look more attractive due to the cheerleader effect. An endless loop of attractiveness. LOL!




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