Study finds. The character (nature) of longevity tendency differs between men and women.

【You can predict your “life expectancy” by asking your friends about your personality.】


・Joshua Jackson and his research team at the University of Washington are examining whether self- and peer-rated personality is a good predictor of life expectancy.

・Analysis confirms that men who are rated by their friends as more honest and creative and women who are rated as more mentally stable and cooperative tend to live longer

・We also found that personality ratings from friends are more accurate predictors of life expectancy than self-reported personality ratings.

Among personality traits, integrity (seriousness) is known to be most associated with lower mortality

・Norwegian study confirms that low integrity is associated with increased mortality risk, with those with low integrity having approximately 1.4 times higher mortality risk than those with high integrity

It has been said that high integrity can predict life expectancy because people with high “integrity” are less likely to engage in behaviors that lead to increased mortality risk



The above is a quote from the article.




Do men and women have different personalities (natures) with longevity tendencies?


What kind of person or personality are you?”

If you were asked this question, how would you answer?

I think I have my own image of myself, but I am not sure if it is accurate or not.


On the other hand,

“What kind of person or personality do you have, Mr. 00?” and so on, if you go around asking third parties about you and give them average data, it is likely to be quite accurate.


It’s no surprise, of course,

A self-assessment of one’s personality is “only one piece of subjective data”.


The evaluations of others by multiple third parties are “multiple objective data”.

It is obvious which is more accurate, isn’t it?


In this study,

found that men who were rated by their friends as more honest and more creative, while women who were rated as more mentally stable and cooperative tended to have a longer life expectancy.

That is, by other people’s evaluations,

Men tend to have longer life spans the more honest and creative they are

Women who are more stable and cooperative tend to have a longer life expectancy

This means that men tend to live longer than women.


It is interesting to note that men and women differ in their longevity tendencies.


In the article above,

People with high integrity tend to live longer because they are less likely to act in ways that increase their mortality risk, such as being more resistant to immediate temptations.

but I wonder what the relevance of creativity is to longevity.


What about stability and cooperation in women?


I can imagine that stability, or more specifically, mental stability, tends to increase longevity.

As for cooperation, is it necessary in human relationships, especially in women’s society? (I would think that men need to be cooperative as well, but I don’t see the connection to longevity?)


I can make all kinds of inferences and imaginations,



Men tend to live longer when they are more honest and creative

Women tend to live longer if they are more stable and cooperative


and women tend to be more stable and cooperative,


For longevity,

Men should live a life of integrity and creativity.

Women should live a stable and cooperative life.


See you then



Ask your own friends, “Am I honest? Am I creative?” I’d like to go around asking them, but that may not be accurate, as my friends may give me a cautious answer. I would like to ask them how they evaluate themselves, in my absence. I’m a little afraid to ask.^^;



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