Let’s get the best of both worlds: paper books and e-books, analog and digital, knowing their neuroscientific properties.

【Professor Kuniyoshi Sakai of the University of Tokyo points out that “paper books” are good for the brain, “they affect the five senses and are easily remembered.】


・In the case of paper books, the episodes of purchasing and reading the book are also imprinted on the brain, making it easier to retrieve what you read from memory.

・「The brain always has its antennae up, and paper books, with their cover, edition, binding, and other information that appeals to the five senses, are easily remembered.The experience of reading a novel or textbook while going back and forth through the pages is also material for memory retrieval, but it is difficult to reproduce with the scrolling of an e-book.With e-books, which have few features, you may only ‘kind of read it,’ and you may not even remember if you read it or not.”

・Sakai’s research shows that brain activity related to visual memory and language processing was higher with paper organizers than with electronic devices, even when writing down schedules and other information.

・Regarding news, “Newspapers have a structure and flow of articles by field, such as society and culture, and magazines have special features and serials, which are easy to remember because of their positional relationship and relevance. Internet news rankings are displayed without context, making them less impressive and making it difficult to trace back to the article later.


These are the quotes from the article




Paper books and e-books, analog and digital, let’s aim for the best of both worlds!


I have written about this sort of thing many times on this blog.↓


【Which is better to read, analog or digital text? The latest research on the efficiency of information transfer between paper and electronic】



The latest research shows that the brain responds differently to analog and digital technology.


As mentioned above, it is now common to hear that “reading on paper is better than e-books”.


I am sure there are some parts of it that are actually like that.


However, when I see these discussions, I always think.


Instead of choosing one or the other, why not just get the best of both worlds?


Reading a book on paper certainly feels more memorable than reading it digitally, but it is also true that digital has the advantage of allowing you to access a large amount of information in a short amount of time. And it takes up less space.


By the way, I read a lot of texts digitally, but if a subject or content interests me, I borrow that book from the library and read it. Since the library center opened right in front of my house, I have been reading a lot of paper books.


I am thinking that if I borrow it and return it, it won’t take up much space, and I think I have a pretty good idea of what I’m doing.


It’s obvious,

There is no need to make everything analog, nor is there any need to make everything digital.


Don’t just choose one or the other, but get the best of both worlds!


I think this is true even outside of this story.

(Many people in the world are quite fond of arguing in black and white, but)


Let’s find your own “good place” to live.


See you then.



However, I feel that most people today are overly digital, so it may be necessary to include analog in the mix. Reading on paper, writing and drawing.(Analog input, analog output)




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