Does your personality determine your eating habits? The relationship between personality and diet.

【Fast food lovers are diplomatic; “taste preferences” reveal a person’s personality Psychological research】


Research shows that our personality not only affects our favorite tastes, but may also be related to healthy food choices

1、neurotic inclination
Correlated with preference for salty, sour, and fatty foods, and inversely correlated with milk and dairy products

Associated with a preference for fast food, ice cream, chocolate, and cocoa

Negative correlation with fruits, but positive correlation with meats and sweet pastries (cookies, cakes, etc.)

4、Cooperation (Harmony)
Negatively correlated with soft drinks and sweetened fruit juices

5、Diligence (integrity)
Positive correlation with preference for dairy products, vegetables, and nuts, but negative correlation with salty foods and sweet pastries


・In addition, studies have shown that personality influences health indicators in choosing what to eat, food-related impulsivity, and hunger responses

A notable finding was the association between hostility and anxiety tendencies and a high likelihood of continuing to eat even when full. People with these traits tend to have difficulty controlling their eating habits, indicating that there may be a relationship between emotional state and adherence to unhealthy eating practices

・On the other hand, it was also found that low impulsivity and sociability had a positive impact on eating habits. Those who were more sociable and cautious were more likely to pay attention to their food intake and weight control

・Interestingly, immaturity, aloofness, self-consciousness, and complacency were associated with being easily hungry and unable to tolerate unhealthy snacking and alcohol consumption

・Our personality traits seem to influence not only our eating behavior when we are hungry, but also our level of self-control and conscious decision-making in choosing healthy foods over foods we like






If there is a link between personality and diet.


There was a lot of interesting content and a lot of quotes.

Interesting that there is a connection between personality and diet.


Whenever I hear about these associations, I always think of them in terms of interrelationships.^^


In other words,

Because my personality is 00, my eating habits are 00? (Personality → Eating habits)

Does a person’s diet have to be 00 to have a personality of 00? (Dietary habits → personality)

Or both, interrelated. (Personality ⇄ Dietary habits)


I think this story is also interrelated, but I personally feel that it is more of a personality -> diet factor.


I believe there is also a strong element of emotional and mind state → diet, rather than personality → diet.


I think about it from my own experience,

When one’s diet is disordered, one’s feelings are usually unstable.


The character and mindset of ourselves and others is not so easy to see and measure,

However, when it comes to eating habits, they are visible and easy to measure.

In that sense,

It might be a good idea to take another look at your eating habits, observe, and analyze them.

You may discover something about your own and others’ personalities and mind-sets that you have had difficulty noticing.


See you then



Does it also mean that our eating habits match (or don’t match) = our personalities match (or don’t match)? In that sense, it makes sense to go out to eat with someone you like.



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