DemeritNumerical values do not lie, but different graphs give different impressions. Be especially careful with pie charts.

【Why do statisticians and people who are good at mathematics “avoid using pie charts”?】


・Most statisticians, experts, and people who are good at math avoid pie charts.

・Many statisticians recommend against using pie charts

・Pie charts are “difficult to judge accurately when there are three or more categories” (“the human eye is not good at measuring angles and areas”)

・The more categories there are in a pie chart, the more misleading it becomes to people’s eyes, because in most cases each area is “divided” by a different color. This is even more problematic for people with color blindness, who see colors differently from other people and have difficulty distinguishing colors

・The disadvantages of pie charts are further exacerbated by the “three-dimensional pie chart.” It has the major problem of “not being able to represent exact proportions.”

・The only time the pie chart shines is when comparing two categories. Since there are only two categories, it is easy to see the differences, even if they are relatively close.

・Thus, the cases in which the pie chart shines are quite limited





Be careful when you see a pie chart.


Pie charts are often seen on TV and other media. As mentioned above, it is true that pie charts are difficult to read values accurately and to compare.


When I see a pie chart with such demerit characteristics, I think a lot.


Are the parties using pie charts unaware of the disadvantageous characteristics of pie charts?

Do they dare to use a pie chart after knowing the demerit characteristics of a pie chart?
Etc. etc.

But there is no way that a professional group such as TV would be unaware of the disadvantageous characteristics of pie charts, so when I see scenes where they are used, I have a strange imagination.^^;


True, the numbers do not lie, but the way the graph is presented gives a very different impression.

There are many more examples than just pie charts.↓

【How to spot a bad graph that manipulates impressions of the Japanese people】


As you can see from the article, you may feel that you often see graphs like this.


There are quite a few cases where the numbers do not lie, the graphs do not lie, but the impression they give changes.


Graphs are used in TV, newspapers, the Internet, books, billboards, and many other places.


It might be a good idea to look at the graphs in your daily life, keeping the above in mind.

At times, you may notice, “Oh, this graph is done (trying to manipulate impressions)^^”.


See you then


Really, it’s hard to tell which pie chart is bigger than the other. I even think that people who use this are mean-spirited.^^;




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