Surprising survey results. Compared to other countries, Japan has extremely few people who “believe in love.

【Announcing the results of “Global Fixed Point 2023,” the first eight-country survey in Japan, China, and ASEAN.】


・Hakuhodo Institute of Life and Living conducted the first-ever Global Fixed Point Survey in eight countries to gain an understanding of people attitudes, values, and behaviors in Japan, China, and ASEAN countries.

・The survey targeted men and women aged 15-59. 11,000 people (11 areas x 1,000 people in each area)

An analysis of Japanese characteristics in the eight-country comparison reveals a more pessimistic picture of Japanese people than in other countries, with “I want money,” “My future image is bleak,” and “I sometimes envy others” at the top of the list, and “I believe in love” and “I think my financial situation will get easier in the future” at the bottom. The survey revealed that Japanese people are more pessimistic than those in other countries.


These are the quotes from the article,




Japanese people, believe in love more!


According to the survey above, out of the eight countries (Japan, China, body, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore), Japan seems to believe in love the least.


I’m personally a little shocked.


Before we say much, let’s review this survey again.


<I’m a relatively un-global environmentalist.>

1st Japan 67%
2nd Singapore 22.4%
3rd Malaysia 18.8%
4th China&Indonesia 12.2%
6th Thailand 9.2%
7th Philippines 5.9%
8h Vietnam 3.2%


<My image of my future is bleak.>

1st Japan 43.7%
2nd Singapore 14.1%
3rd Thailand 9.7%
4th Malaysia 9.6%
5th China 6.1%
6th Vietnam 3.8%
7th Indonesia 3.3%
8th Philippines 2.7%


<I’d rather have plenty of time off than a higher salary.>

1st Japan 59.8%
2nd Singapore 48.7%
3rd China 47.3%
4th Malaysia 41.3%
5th Vietnam 40.9%
6th Thailand 38.5%
7th Indonesia 33.6%
8th Philippines 26.6%


<I think socializing is a pain in the ass.>

1st Japan 44.5%
2nd Singapore 27.3%
3rd Thailand 21.7%
4th Malaysia 18.7%
5th Philippines 15.3%
6th Indonesia 13.7%
7th China 13.6%
8th Vietnam 12%


<I want money.>

1st Japan 60,6%
2nd Thailand 49.6%
3rd Malaysia 48.3%
4th Singapore 45.9%
5th Indonesia 44.2%
6th Philippines 38.3%
7th China 31.4%
8th Vietnam 31%


<I often envy others.>

1st Japan 24.4%
2nd Philippines 10.1%
3rd Malaysia 9%
4th Singapore 6.9%
5th China 6.7%
6th Indonesia 6.6%
7th Thailand 5.5%
8th Vietnam 3.4%


<I think my financial situation will be easier in the future.>

1st Vietnam 86.3%
2nd Indonesia 85.9%
3rd China 80.8%
4th Philippines 79.4%
5th Thailand 63.6%
6th Malaysia 63.3%
7th Singapore 56%
8th Japan 11.3%


<I believe in love.>

1st  Philippines 78.4%
2nd  Malaysia 48.1%
3rd  Singapore 47.3%
4th  Vietnam 44.8%
5th  Indonesia 44.5%
6th  China 39.4%
7th  Thailand 38.2%
8th  Japan 17.3%


<I want to spend more time with my family.>

1st  Indonesia  76.4%
2nd Philippines  76.2%
3rd  Malaysia  69.4%
4th  Vietnam  66.9%
5th  Singapore  60.4%
6th  Thailand  57%
7th  China  52.5%
8th  Japan  28.2%


<Equal sharing of household chores, child-rearing, work, and other roles between husband and wife (answers only from married couples)>

1st  Thailand  67.6%
2nd  Vietnam  64.7%
3rd  Indonesia  54.4%
4th  Philippines  49.2%
5th  Malaysia  44.9%
6th  China  44%
7th  Singapore  41.9%
8th  Japan  21.9%


<I exercise for fitness and health.>

1st  Indonesia  63%
2nd  Philippines  54.8%
3rd  China  51.1%
4th  Malaysia  50.4%
5th  Vietnam  50.3%
6th  Singapore  48.8%
7th  Thailand  47.3%
8th  Japan  23.9%


<Children would be better off taking care of their parents financially in their old age>

1st  Malaysia  39.3%
2nd  Vietnam  39%
3rd  Singapore  37.9%
4th  Indonesia  33.8%
5th  China  33.2%
6th  Thailand  30.6%
7th  Philippines  25.2%
8th  Japan  8.3%



These are the results of the survey.


I have quoted at length, but the most disturbing point is the extremely low percentage of Japanese who “believe in love”.


Though I’m curious about a lot more than just the “I believe in love” part,

The economy goes up and down, and there are many ways and forms of families and couples, so to some extent we can turn a blind eye.


Just, however!


Any way you look at it, the fact that only 17% “believe in love” can only be taken pessimistically.


Japan is said to have lost 20 or 30 years, and negative news is always coming out, so it is inevitable that Japanese people become anxious, gloomy, and negative to some extent, but when it comes to love, well………………. But when it comes to love, well, love is always important, no matter what time of year it is, isn’t it?


So you know love is important, but you don’t believe in love?


Rebuild Japan! We will restore the economy!” We often hear these words,

But I think it is more important to “increase the number of Japanese people who can believe in love,

(I also think that if there are more people like that, Japan will turn around and be rebuilt.)


Let us live with love.

Let’s live believing in love.

(Maybe such an act of love by each one of us will increase the number of Japanese who believe in love)


See you then.


The economy and the economy may be down in some areas, but I don’t think love should be down.

Love is universal and essential.




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