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Google releases MusicLM, an AI model that automatically generates music from text!

【Google to release MusicLM, an AI model that automatically generates music from text, clears ethical challenges for training data sets.】   ・Google announced that MusicLM, an AI that automatically generates music from typed...


A large amount of copyrighted works are being produced by AI such as ChatGPT. The world is becoming a place where the line between human and AI creativity, copyrights, etc. are blurred.

【A large number of “books authored by ChatGPT” are sold on Amazon.】   ・A large number of “books written in a short time using ChatGPT” are listed on Amazon. ・The problem of “unintentionally...


Google Announces MusicLM, an AI Model to Generate Music from Text

【Google Announces MusicLM, a Text-to-Music Generator, but Will Not Release It】   ・Google Announces AI Model “MusicLM casts the conditional music generation process as a hierarchical inter-array modeling task, generating 24 kHz music...


Predicting and examining the future of the creative industry from the revolution caused by image-generating AI

【Daily active users of image generation AI “StableDiffusion” reach 10 million; users of “DreamStudio” exceed 1.5 million.】   ・Stablity AI, the AI company leading the development of the image generation AI Stable Diffusion,...