What are the capabilities of the ChatGPT-5? Let’s imagine a future world above utilization and convenience!

【”Will there be a ‘GPT-5’ – two facts from OpenAI CEO’s statement.】


While various sources predicted that GPT-5 is in the process of learning and that a release date is likely in early 2024, OpenAI does not appear to be in a hurry to develop GPT-5 (possible release in 2025).

・GPT-5 is not yet in training, but GPT-5 is very likely in the training data collection phase, collecting additional datasets for model training

・Development of the GPT-5 model is underway, although the actual study itself has not yet begun.

GPT-3 was primarily a language model; GPT-4 was an evolution that combined both a language model and a visual model; GPT-5 is expected to have the capability of a speech recognition model in addition to the capabilities of GPT-4.

There are rumors that it will be a GPT model that can process video. In other words, the GPT-5 could be a model that can process text, images, audio, and video



These are the quotes from the article




Imagine a future above convenience, utilizing AI and GPT!


It’s a bit early to be talking about GPT-5 when ChatGPT-4 was just released the other day, but it’s a subject I’ve been paying attention to, so I’m taking it up again.


I sometimes ask, just for the fun of it, “Will AI exterminate composers?” How can we make the world more peaceful?” I sometimes ask questions to GPT-3 and enjoy the conversational exchange.

Of course, you don’t get a clear answer, but you can have a normal, conversational exchange. It’s amazing, isn’t it?


「GPT-3 is primarily a language model, GPT-4 is both a language model and a visual model, and GPT-5 may have the capability of being a speech recognition model.」

It says this,

In other words,

GPT-3 appears to get the “mouth”, GPT-4 the “eyes”, and GPT-5 the “ears”.

I guess I feel like I’m getting more and more of the five senses.


In fact, we often see AI online writing and summarizing papers, creating images, illustrations, and videos, singing and making music like humans. And the quality is high.


Author Shu Yamaguchi tweeted the following

「I don’t think anything of losing to a calculator in mental arithmetic, so why is losing to an AI in Go a defeat for mankind? I don’t understand.」


Here is my own response、

「In the case of calculators, we can imagine humans doing and creating various things after letting the calculator do the calculations, but in the case of Ai, it may be because we do not yet have a clear image of something after letting Ai do various things. In this way, we don’t recognize Ai as a tool, and there is a feeling that the initiative (the main role) is taken away from us.」


If AI is considered only as a tool,


Like calculators, what can humans do with AI as a tool? I believe it is important to think about what we want to do.


The evolution (rise) of AI and GPT is tremendous, but even our human imagination can rise as infinitely as they can.


For example, in my case, I am good at composing (melody making) and can spring up and create as much as I want, but I always have trouble arranging and mixing to give it shape.

So I sometimes imagine that someday I would like to be able to let AI and GPT take care of everything except composing music, and concentrate on composing my own music.^^


Convenience, in other words, means “it is OK not to do it.


With the convenience of calculators, cars, cell phones, computers, etc., humans have become OK with not having to do many things!


But there is more and more to do, even though convenience should have increased.


The same will surely be true beyond the conveniences brought by AI and GPT.


In any case, in a world of convenience, we want to do more of what we want to do, not more of what we have to do.


To this end, while we are at it, let us imagine what we would like to be able to do, and what we would like to do, in the world beyond the convenience provided by AI and GPT. (Imagine the world above the use of AI)


If you move with the image, surely that image will become closer to reality.^^


I believe so.


See you then.



Once AI and GPT get mouth, eyes and ears, will they get nose (sense of smell) next?^^








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