Study finds that players with smaller numbers appear slimmer. Interesting “cognitive distortion by number”.

【Scientific evidence shows that numbers change people’s impressions.】


・A 2019 ESPN study found that nearly 80% of NFL wide receivers chose numbers 10-19 as their number, with players saying the reason was because they looked slimmer and speedier

・A new study from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) has proven that even if the body size is the same, wearing a small numbered back number makes you look slimmer, while wearing a large numbered back number makes you look bigger.

・It was thought that the occupied area due to the shape of the numbers could be the cause, but the same experiment, while keeping the occupied area the same, yielded similar results

This showed that body size perception by subjects is purely influenced by the size of the numbers



These are the quotes from the article




Cognitive distortion caused by information in the form of numbers


It is an interesting experiment.


Even if they have the same body type, a smaller uniform number makes them look slimmer, while a larger number makes them look bigger.


What were the numbers on the numbered T-shirts I owned? Did I look slim or large when I wore it?^^


I think again.

We are all distorted by information, aren’t we?


We have various information (images) in our minds, such as red is 00, women are 00, and so on.


In fact, it is common for those information (images) to distort perceptions.


But I was surprised that even the somewhat inorganic information (images) of numbers, large and small, can distort our perception.


No, if you think about it, we are constantly surrounded by numbers in our lives.

If a dumbbell weighs 2 kg, it is light; if it weighs 7 kg, it is heavy,

That product is cheap if it weighs 1,000 yen, expensive if it weighs 5,000 yen, and so on.

Other numbers are all over the place: weight, indicators, number of likes on social networking sites, watches

etc., etc.,


In other words, we might say that our brain is unconsciously imprinted with images of numbers large and small.


When you think about it,

Perhaps it is only natural that there would be cognitive distortions caused by numbers, as in this experiment.


At first I thought, “It’s just a number,” but perhaps it is because it is a number.


The image that numbers give us, the distortion of perception, cannot be underestimated.


It is possible that cognitive distortions are occurring in unexpected ways,

It may be a good idea to be a little more aware of the numbers in your life.


See you then.


Cognitive distortion by numbers. What can we make use of? Presents that you want to look big? Dishes? Food? Putting big numbers on those things? LOL!





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