Rejuvenate by tapping your knees? Is the key to staying young the lower body? Stimulation?

【Secretion of “Rejuvenating Hormones”? A simple method invented by a doctor: “Just Tap Your Knees”.】


・”Osteocalcin” is a hormone also known as “bone hormone. This hormone is carried through blood vessels to all parts of the body, thereby activating organs.

・The rejuvenating hormone osteocalcin is secreted when bones are built.

・Practicing and stimulating “knee tapping” can activate the bone-building process.

・Not only aging, but also continuing a lifestyle that does not impact the bones, such as lack of exercise, can cause osteoblasts to stop working. As a result, the secretion of rejuvenating hormones also decreases

・To perform the “knee tap,” simply sit on a chair and tap your right fist on your right knee and your left fist on your left knee, alternately.

・Hands lightly grasped and held vertically.
・Tap the knee plate and the area between the knees in a straight line from above.
・Keep your knees as perpendicular to the floor as possible.
・Keep the heels and soles of the feet firmly on the floor.

Some people get knee pain if they tap 100 times at a time, so it is best to aim for about 20 taps at a time and divide them so that the total for the day is 100 taps.



These are the quotes from the article




Is the key to staying young the lower body? Stimulation?


It is getting colder all at once. We should be careful not to get sick due to the temperature difference.

It is true that youth is a major source of vitality, although it cannot be said that vitality = youth.

I want to stay young to be healthy, rather than “just to stay young.”


Because of this, I have been keeping a bit of an antenna for rejuvenation-related information, and the above article is new rejuvenation information for me.


It’s so easy and nice to rejuvenate with a knee tap.


【Lower body muscle training for rejuvenating hormone secretion】


I remember writing this blog before.


A substance called myokine is produced by muscles. This is also said to be a rejuvenating hormone. It is especially likely to be secreted from thigh and calf muscles, so we are told that muscle training such as squats and heel raises and lowers are recommended.


It’s called knee-slapping, and the key to aging and rejuvenation may be found in the lower body.


No, from a broader perspective, stimulation of joints and muscles, in other words, stimulation itself may be the key to rejuvenation. Stimulation of the brain is also important.


For youth = vitality, we should be aware of the lower body and even more aware of stimulation.


See you then.


Take it easy and keep going as long as you can. It is important to continue (make it a habit).




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