Shouldn’t “the proper weight of people who actually live longer” be more important than “the BMI and proper weight set by the government?”

【The more All A’s you have in your health checkup, the more likely you are to die prematurely,” asserts Dr. Hideki Wada, a physician.” From the perspective of longevity, the standards set by the government are not correct.”】


・In everything from weight, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, etc., it’s normal (and even individual) for each person to be different depending on age and constitution.

・So, the reference value of a health checkup is not always normal. I don’t recommend sticking to the reference value and continuing to take medication.

Based on survey data from 350,000 Japanese over the age of 40, the true appropriate weight (equivalent to a BMI of 24 to 27) for a long life

 150cm / 54〜60.8kg
 155cm / 57.7〜64.9kg
 160cm / 61.4〜69.1kg
 165cm / 65.3〜73.5kg
 170cm / 69.4〜78kg
 175cm / 73.5〜82.7kg
 180cm / 77.8〜87.5kg


・For a person of 160 cm height, 61 kg to 69 kg is the “longevity weight” (appropriate weight for a long life), but the longevity weight shown here is judged as “obese” in the metabolic syndrome health checkup.

・Japan’s measures against metabolic syndrome are misguided measures led by academics and bureaucrats who have no knowledge of the field of medical care for the elderly.

To live longer, you should eat well and get good nutrition.

・Statistical data show that people who lose weight by following the metabolic guidance of their doctors seriously can end up shortening their lives.



These are the quotes from the article




Is a little fat the right way to live longer? Let’s find your better and balance.


I have read Makoto Kondo’s book, which is mentioned in the above article, and he is famous for his stance that basically condemns the current state of the medical industry.

It also touches on the increased risk of brain tumors and leukemia due to CT (medical radiation exposure). As a layman, I have to admit that I cannot fully accept or deny this kind of information, feeling that it may be true.


Just however,


I found “The True Appropriate Weight for Living Longer Based on Data from a Survey of 350,000 Japanese Over 40” very interesting.


I am open to and want to incorporate the trends and facts that emerge from these vast amounts of data.


I have recently gained a lot of weight and was thinking I needed to lose some,

But as far as the above data of longevity weight is concerned, it seems to be totally OK. ^^ (I am currently 174 cm, 66 kg)


Of course, it is not a good idea to feel comfortable with this and just gain weight. If weight gain is combined with muscle as well as fat, it is not a problem and, in fact, may be good for a long life.


I truly believe that while the basic components of the body are the same for everyone, each person’s body is unique.

Some people have high blood pressure to balance their bodies, while others have low water content to balance their bodies.


For those who are low weight and have a balanced body, this data may not apply.


The key is to find your own balance.


I often hear the phrase “my best,” but I personally think that “my better” thinking is better. With “best,” it sounds like a conclusion, but with “better,” it sounds like a continual improvement. (In life, there is rarely a conclusion.) I think it is important to keep the better in mind, not only in this health issue, but also in my own life. I imagine that I will find my balance through that continuum.


I hope that this data on longevity weight will also be of help to you in your betters.


See you then.

When one learns how and why the daily vegetable intake, normal blood pressure levels, etc. were determined, it is not hard to understand why people question the standard values set by the government.




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