Do night owls have shorter life spans? Research reveals why people are fine with being night owls.

【Does the nocturnal rhythm of life really shorten life expectancy?】


・Study by Christer Hublin and Jaakko Kaprio of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, published in Chronobiology International on June 15, 2023 for more information

・Compared to morning people, night people tended to be younger and to drink and smoke more

・Analysis adjusted for age, gender, education, health status at the start of the study, daily alcohol consumption, smoking status, BMI, and sleep duration revealed a 9% higher risk of all-cause mortality for night-ons than for morning-ons

・However, further analysis showed that such increased risk was mainly attributable to smoking and alcohol consumption, and was not dependent on chronotype, morning or evening

This result was also evident in the finding that there was no increased risk of all-cause mortality in nighttime individuals who had a light drinking habit but did not smoke



These are the quotes from the article




Smoking and drinking affect life expectancy more than being a “night or morning person”


I am one of those people who, no matter how many times I try to change to a morning person, inevitably revert to a night person.


The other day I saw a reader’s comment, “After all, all geniuses are early risers,” and I picked up a book called “The Daily Routine of Geniuses.

I thought, “I’ll read this book and use it as motivation to make the switch to a morning routine.”


In reality, however, many geniuses are morning people, but there are also nighttime geniuses, to a lesser or greater extent.


Incidentally, the book was a bit boring and hard to read through, as it just describes the daily routines of 161 geniuses in an indifferent manner, like “get up at X time, take a walk at X time”. ^^; (If only there were some more statistical analysis or something…)


There was a strong person on Twitter who put together the kind of content I was looking for.↓




In the end, I found the above article just as I was still living the same nighttime lifestyle, without that much motivation to switch to a morning routine.


From the research, it does not appear that there is much change in life expectancy in terms of the morning or evening type factor.


Night owls tend to drink more and smoke more. As a result, the risk of death increases.


So, rather than worrying about being a morning person or a night person, it seems better to worry about drinking and smoking. (Smoking looks particularly bad)




In terms of longevity (health) and creativity, it seems that you don’t have to be that particular about being a morning person, i.e., you can be a night person.


I came to a conclusion that was convenient for me.^^


See you then.


I think it is more important how you feel (mentally) than what you ingest or when you sleep, though.



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