Voyager 2, glad to see communications restored. Let’s look up at the starry sky.

【I hear you, you’re there!” Voyager 2 responds to a loud voice from Earth and successfully resumes communication】


・Almost 46 years after its journey into space, Voyager 2 is still far beyond our solar system, 19.9 billion kilometers away in interstellar space.

・Voyager 2, which recently disappeared after a NASA command transmission error caused its antenna to be misoriented, still sent us a faint signal, confirming its survival.

・Even radio waves flying at the speed of light take 18.5 hours to reach Voyager 2, and from there it takes 18.5 hours for a return reply to reach Earth.

・Launched from Earth in August 1977, Voyager 2 observed Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, making the so-called “Grand Tour” for the first time ever!
In November 2018, it exited the solar system. It is now traveling alone through the space between the stars (interstellar space).

・The energy is likely to last at least until 2025, but after that it will depend on Voyager 2’s stamina and luck. Once it is fully asleep, it will continue to wander the Milky Way for eternity!



These are the quotes from the article




Voyager 2, good to see communication restored. Let’s look at the starry sky and the Milky Way.


【Communication with Voyager 2, 19.9 billion kilometers from Earth, is cut off due to a mistake by NASA as well.】


I was disappointed to read this news article the other day, but I am glad to see that communication with Voyager 2 has been restored!


Voyager 1 and 2 were launched in 1977. I am deeply moved when I think that I was born and have been flying in space away from the earth for all the years I have lived.


Voyager 1’s speed is 61500 km/h

Voyager 2’s speed is 54717 km/h


Voyager 1 exited the solar system in 2013

Voyager 2 exited the solar system in 2018


It’s already dauntingly large, isn’t it, outer space?


As mentioned in the article above, it seems that Voyager will continue to wander around the Milky Way Galaxy once it runs out of energy. If we look at the Milky Way Galaxy, to which our solar system belongs, the distance Voyager has traveled is probably just a little bit.


The other day, when I went to a place where the stars were beautiful, I observed the Milky Way more clearly than I have in a long time.


It is romantic to think that perhaps Voyager was also there, continuing his endless journey at the end of that gaze.^^


The Milky Way is often thought of as a July event, but in fact it can be observed all year round.


【When is the Milky Way visible? About the direction, season and time of year! Introducing recommended apps for stargazing!】

If you get a chance, while looking at the Milky Way, you might enjoy thinking, “Could Voyager be in my line of sight?”


By the way, the Perseid meteor shower will be at its peak on the 13th. It may be subtle due to the typhoon, but please try to observe it as well!


These are just a few space stories from a space lover like me.


See you then.


I like cherry blossom viewing season because it makes everyone’s face look upward. But if it’s starry skies, you always get a chance to look up.^^



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