The New Normal in Aging Information. Update your aging information and yourself.

【The Latest Research Reveals a New Normal: The “Aging Lie”. Three meals a day, “veggie first,” and “daily exercise” promote aging!】


・Only humans age.
Only killer whales, gondolier whales, and humans continue to live after menopause (pet dogs and cats are special cases kept alive by humans)

・The 70s are a “second adolescence”. Once you get over it, your 80s change into a state of excellence.
The 70s, when the body no longer moves as it did when you were younger and you become frustrated, is a second adolescence. After overcoming this, in their 80s, they are able to have an outstanding view of the world, including the ability to think about their surroundings rather than themselves.

・Will Life Expectancy Still Increase? 70s not uncommon even in the Edo period
The average life expectancy in the Muromachi period was around 15 years, in the Edo period around 35 years, and in the early Showa period around 50 years. However, those figures were due to the high mortality rate of children, and once they reached adulthood, people usually lived into their 70s!

・Dementia is not always “brain aging”. The brain never stops growing.
The brain network develops in the areas that are used most often, and the more the brain is used, the more it will continue to develop at any age. Even at an older age, when people start new hobbies, studies, or jobs, cells that have not been used until now are stimulated to grow, so brain growth does not stop at any age.

・Misconceptions about “aging” and “rejuvenation
The two main causes of aging are oxidation and glycation. Oxidation is the damage to cells caused by reactive oxygen species generated in the body due to environmental factors such as ultraviolet rays, in addition to mental stress, or “rusting of the body. Glycation, on the other hand, refers to “body rust,” in which sugar and protein combine in the body to produce aging substances called AGEs. Lifestyle plays a key role in determining whether a person will age or not. Although genetic factors have an influence, the degree of influence is only 30-40%, and 60-70% is related to environmental factors.

・The Lie of “Skin Aging.” Beware of Anti-Aging Methods
Skin aging is largely caused by environmental factors, 80% of which are UV rays. Skin aging such as wrinkles and blemishes can be prevented by simply using sunscreen and other UV countermeasures. Exosomes,” which have been attracting attention for their skin rejuvenation effect, are much less effective at room temperature.

・Lies about “presbyopia” and “gray hair.” Nutrients recommended for “aging.”
It is an urban legend that “nearsighted people are less likely to develop presbyopia.” Neither nearsightedness nor farsightedness has anything to do with it. Aging is not the only cause of gray hair. Stress and nutritional deficiency also cause gray hair, which can be reversed in 20% of cases by improving lifestyle.
The cause of aging is oxidation of fatty acids. It can be controlled by not consuming too much animal fat and by actively taking antioxidants such as vitamin C and polyphenols. In addition to green and yellow vegetables, blackcurrants, which are rich in anthocyanins, are recommended.

・Can “GLS-1 inhibitors” help people live to 120 years old?
GLS-1 inhibitors” remove aging cells by inhibiting the function of an enzyme called GLS-1, which keeps aging cells alive instead of expelling them. If it works, it may not only stop aging, but may even make us younger. 120 years old is not a dream.

・Three meals a day, veggie fasts, and daily exercise promote aging.
Too much exercise increases active oxygen in the muscles, which leads to aging.
Common features of long-lived people over 100 years old are a regular lifestyle, adequate nutrition and sleep, moderate exercise, and a zest for life.
Three meals a day may be too much food. The latest research shows that if you eat 80% of the right amount of calories, your life expectancy will increase, and if you make the time between meals as long as possible, your healthy life expectancy will be extended.
If you want to stay young and healthy, it is best to be chubby with a BMI of 22 or more.
It has been found that a lack of carbohydrates increases the amount of substances that accelerate brain aging by nearly 50%, and there are also reports of increased susceptibility to stroke, learning and memory ability, and decreased physical activity. Therefore, carbohydrate restriction is not recommended.
Me and First” is better than “veggie first” where vegetables are eaten first. Eating carbohydrates last to prevent blood sugar spikes can be recommended, but it has been shown that eating proteins such as meat and fish rather than vegetables first is better for preventing aging


The above is a quote from the article.






Update aging information = update your own body


Sorry for the long citation.


How much did you know about the latest information above?

I, for one, knew about 80% of it, since I write these miscellaneous blogs on a daily basis.


The 20% part I didn’t know was something about “me and first”.


I still believed in veggie first and tried to eat vegetables first.

But from an anti-aging perspective, it seems to me that it is better to eat proteins such as meat and fish first.

Taking carbohydrates such as rice last is recommended, as it has always been.


So what does that mean?


The ideal eating order is,

Meat and fish → vegetables or soup → rice?


With this order, I can’t eat rice with a main dish of meat and fish as a side dish, can I?


I used to believe in veggie-first, and would eat vegetables first, then eat rice with a meat/fish or other main dish as a side dish,

In the case of mee and first, I am wondering what I should eat rice with what side dish.

I would like to think of a strategy.

By the way,

Although it is mentioned above that too much exercise increases active oxygen species (ROS) and causes aging, there is no problem with aerobic exercise such as walking. Aerobic exercise such as walking is not a problem. If the level of exercise is such that you can do it while having a conversation, there is no problem.


And, on the subject of aging and rejuvenation,


It is very important to strengthen the thigh muscles, which are the largest muscles in the human body. Recent studies have confirmed that the thigh muscles secrete a kind of rejuvenation hormone.

In this sense, exercises such as squats are highly recommended. Even if you don’t do squats, just lightly tapping the area around the upper part of the knee plate (kneecap) will stimulate that area to secrete rejuvenating hormones. (I have written about this in past blogs)


That’s all I wrote at length about aging and rejuvenation.


How much did you know about the above information?

Let’s update both the information and ourselves.

See you then




Update, in other words. Let’s keep getting newer and newer.




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