Mirror neurons cause us to resemble nearby people. (Brain Science)

【Brain scientists have discovered the “surprising characteristics” of people who need to be involved in order to become “lucky.】


・From a scientific point of view, a person’s luck is determined by his or her behavior patterns, rather than by his or her innate characteristics.

・When you are around people who are lucky, their behavior patterns become similar and you can “bring them luck”.

Mirror neurons are neurons in the brain that are activated when you perform an exercise, but they are also activated when you watch other people perform an exercise.

・Mirror neurons even read the context in which others perform their actions. It even reads what they are doing that action for and with what intention, and the way they respond changes depending on that purpose or intention.

・Try to be with lucky people as much as possible and observe their behavior closely. This activates your mirror neurons, as if you are doing the same thing as the lucky person.

・Eventually, the behaviors and actions that you observed will become your own, and you will develop similar patterns of behavior. The way you think and the way you look at things will become similar.



These are the quotes from the article




We naturally resemble those close to us without trying to resemble them.


What kind of people you associate with is very important.


American entrepreneur Jim Rohn proposed the “Law of Five.”

It says, “You are the average of the five people around you.

Many of you may have heard of it.


I think this “law of five”, from my own experience, may be true.


I would also say that the average of the five is me, i.e., the five and I are or will be similar.


The reason.

Like brings like? (We are together because we are alike)

Because we naturally resemble each other when we are together? (Because we are together, we are alike).


In this issue, “We are together, so we are alike” is explained from a brain-science perspective.


Mirror neurons in the brain are neurons that react like mirrors, literally.

For example,

If someone in front of you eats ramen, the mirror neurons in your brain will react as if you ate ramen too.


Isn’t it amazing that this happens unconsciously?


When we think about the reason why we “become more like the people we are with,” it seems to be because we observe them, learn from them, or have some “consciousness” of our own,

From a neuroscientific (mirror neuron) point of view, however, this is not so.


In other words,

We are unconsciously absorbing more and more of others close to us as our own.


So, if you see someone you dislike in front of you, it is possible that even that person you dislike is unconsciously absorbed by your mirror neurons. ^^^; (Even though I don’t think I would ever, ever consciously try to resemble someone I don’t like).


In light of these things,

I can see how heavy the phrase “the kind of person you associate with is very important.”


Because mirror neurons respond on their own and unconsciously absorb others close to them.


It would be nice if positive things could be absorbed unconsciously on their own,

It would be scary if negative things were absorbed unconsciously.


Let’s be careful.


Because it’s unconscious, so there’s no way to be careful once you’re in a relationship,

You still have to be careful about what kind of person you date before you start dating.


See you then.



Thankfully, I am surrounded by calm people. I think I am relatively calm, too. If we reflect each other’s mirror neuron responses to each other, I think those elements will be reinforced more and more. I wonder if the ultimate result of that is mature couples who are becoming more and more alike.^^



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