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The era is from “GAFA” to “MATANA”

【Big Tech, a driving force in the global economy, is changing from “GAFA” to “MATANA”.】 https://dime.jp/genre/1565407/   ・As the four largest tech companies, “GAFA” reigned as the top runner of high-tech companies, but after...


Amazing! An AI tool that allows you to speak in its learned voice if you have just a 3-second voice sample.

【All it takes is “three seconds of voice”. Microsoft is developing an AI with an amazing ability to mimic the human voice.】 https://www.lifehacker.jp/article/2301-gizmodo-microsoft-ai-voice-mimic-deepfake-natural-copy-audio/   ・Microsoft’s VALL-E AI tool is based on Meta’s encoded speech...