Acceleration of the Earth’s rotation. Abolition of leap seconds. The earth is alive.

【Earth’s faster rotation may require a “negative leap second” by 2029, risking a major disruption to the Internet and IT services.】


・The leap year, in which February is one day longer every four years, is well known, but there is also a leap second, in which one second is adjusted on either December 31 or June 30.

The leap seconds have all been lengthened by one second, but calculations indicate that they will need to be lengthened by one second by 2029.

・Since the leap second was introduced in 1972, leap seconds have been added 27 times as the Earth’s day gets longer, most recently at 23:00 on December 31, 2016 (8:00 Japan time on January 1, 2017), with one second added after 59 minutes and 59 seconds.

…often noted that the tempo of the slowdown has been gradually slowing down in recent years, rather than accelerating. Multiple factors are involved in this, but the main reason is said to be the unpredictable changes in the flow of the hot liquid core at the center of the earth.

The last leap second may be a negative one, as leap seconds are scheduled to be essentially eliminated by 2035.



The above is a quote from the article






The earth is alive after all.


We are sometimes aware of leap years, but we are never aware of leap seconds. (I wonder if those who are involved in programming are aware of it.)


Until now, leap seconds have been used to adjust (add) the deceleration of the earth’s rotation speed, but it seems that the rotation speed is accelerating and leap seconds will no longer be needed, and there is even a possibility that a negative leap second will be implemented. (The text in the above article is difficult to understand, but am I correct in this interpretation? ^^;)


After reading this article, I was reminded,


The earth is a living thing, it is alive.


The atmosphere, oceans, magma, and mantle move, erupt, and the earth breathes and is always active.

If we consider ourselves as one of the cells of the earth, we can say that the earth in its aggregate is also a living organism (just as many bacteria and viruses live in our bodies). (Just as our bodies are home to many bacteria and viruses.)


It is kind of cramped to imagine that a clock has been installed in our body without our permission and we are being observed to see if our activity (rotation) is the same from second to second. Even though the activity can’t possibly be the same every year.

Oh well,

Even the moon is moving a few centimeters away from the earth every year, and nothing is without change on any scale.


The human body also changes with age.

Once again,

At any level,

I realized that rather than striving to stay the same, it is more important to assume that things will change and how we respond to change.


As described above,

I am the one who takes the liberty of expanding my interpretation from the story of changes in the earth’s rotation speed and leap seconds.


See you then


Hawaii is getting closer to Japan by 6 cm every year. Will Japan and Hawaii merge someday? If you think about it, will the earth’s rotation speed up? Someday, the moon will be invisible from the earth? It is fun to fantasize.










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