Was Mars once an environment similar to Earth? A space story of fantasy and reality.

【Curiosity Study Reveals Mars Once Had an Environment Similar to Earth’s】


Billions of years ago, it is thought that Mars was a much more water-rich world than it is now, and new evidence has been discovered in a crater that is believed to have once been a lake.

The evidence, discovered by NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity, is manganese oxide. What it shows is that Mars once had an environment conducive to oxidation.

・This means that Mars must have had an oxygen-rich atmosphere in ancient times.


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Was Mars once like Earth? A cosmic tale of fantasy and reality.


The fact that there was an oxidizing environment on Mars is evidence that Mars may have had an atmosphere. It is amazing.


When I hear stories like this, I get all kinds of sci-fi fantasies. ^^ ^^


It is said that the earth is getting 11m away from the sun every year.

(Is it because of centrifugal force?).

If so, it is not surprising to think that Mars is moving away from the sun as well.

Given this, it would not be surprising if, in the distant past, Mars was located much closer to the sun, in a position similar to that of the earth today, and had an environment similar to that of the earth.


Well, this is just my interesting hypothesis as a layman. ^^

I am also excited by the science fiction story of Martians with an advanced civilization who destroyed themselves in a nuclear war and moved to Earth. ^^


I get excited about the universe because it is infinite and full of things I don’t understand. (And I can be as paranoid as I want.)


Oh yeah, speaking of the universe,


【Largest “solar flare” observed in a row, magnetic storm causing communication problems on the 11th, possible aurora borealis】


It seems that a powerful solar flare occurred from the 8th to the 9th and a G4 class magnetic storm was observed for the first time since 2005. (The smallest was G1 and the largest was G5)


The magnetic storm is expected to arrive at Earth around the 11th. There are concerns about communication problems and other effects.

Unlike 2005, today’s world is full of electricity, radio waves, and magnetic devices, so we might want to be a little more vigilant.


The Mars story has made me paranoid, though,

Solar flares are a real story.


Let’s keep a good balance between fantasy and reality.


See you then


In our daily lives, we tend to feel like we are living in a flat world, but don’t you suddenly feel strange when you think that we are living attached to a tiny little sphere in a magnificent universe? Am I the only one who feels that way?




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