The New Normal in Brain Science. Personality over “Talent” for Long-Term Benefits

【New Brain Science】 Which is more likely to succeed, “talented people” or “people with good character”?


・If there are two people, one with talent and the other with good character, which has a higher probability of success?

Personality has a greater impact on long-term success, including income, than talent.

Research around the world has shown that personality, not talent, has a greater impact on success in life.


These are the quotes from the article





“Good character” has great long-term benefits.


The above is an article promoting a book, but I picked it up because it was an interesting topic.


As a new brain-science breakthrough,

What influences long-term success, such as income, is “personality” rather than “talent.

I guess that’s true.


Well, my honest impression is that this is true.


Of course, talent is very important.

But why is character such an important factor?

I believe lies in the fact that “one cannot and does not live alone.”


If you think about it again,

We are rarely complete on our own in everything we do, including work, of course, but also in food, clothing, shelter, and so on. In other words, we live while being supported by and involved with someone else. (Is there a meaning to the character “ma” for “human being” or not?)

When I think about it, I feel grateful. ^^ ^^


And if you think about it from that premise,

I think you can see that the element of “good character” brings a lot of positives to one’s life.


Conversely, in a field that you can complete on your own, you may be able to rise to the top with your talent alone.


For example, a 00 craftsman?

However, if the completed work is not known to the world, it will not sell. Considering the promotional aspect, it seems that the quality of the craftsman’s character is also important.


Of course, talent is also important. The basic premise is,

Talent x Good character = Achievement and success

I believe that this is the basic premise.


However, the newest brain science is showing that the element of good character is very important.


So, I thought,

I think we have some idea of what it means to be talented or not,

But what is the definition of “good character?”


Results of a survey of 100 people.What are the characteristics of the person you feel is a “person of good character”?


According to this article,


Characteristics of “people of good character”

1. able to think of others
2. kind
3. treats everyone in a flat manner
4. listens well to others
5. Calm
6. not bad-mouthing or talking behind someone’s back
7. Smiling
8. generous


This is a list that certainly seems to be true.


Do you fit these characteristics?

If you think about the long-term benefits, you might want to be aware of these.


Personally, though, I always want to be like this, even without the benefits.

See you then


There are parents who encourage their children to learn many lessons in order to develop their talents, but if they push their children too hard and if their children’s personalities become crooked, that is a real downfall, isn’t it?




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