A string of ad-supported plans in the streaming industry. Amazing new features of ad playback. The ultimate era in which it is no longer possible to escape from advertising.

【Will the streaming industry’s string of “ad-supported plans” really make users and advertisers happy?】


・The UK streaming service NOW now plays ads before content delivery unless you subscribe to the NOW Boost plan, which adds £5 per month.

・In the U.S., the video delivery service HBO Max offers an ad-supported plan for $10 per month and an ad-free plan for an additional $5 per month.

・Warner Bros. Discovery must add $2 for ad-free viewing in addition to the $5 per month plan that includes ads。

・Hulu already has a plan that charges extra for ad-free viewing ($7 with ads, $13 without)

・Disney+ and Netflix are expected to begin introducing ad-supported plans as early as the end of the year.

・YouTube Premium,” which does not display ads, is 1180 yen per month for the regular plan and 1780 yen for the family plan.

・Ad-free “Spotify Premium” is 980 yen for Standard and 1,580 yen for Family Plan

・Game distribution services such as “Apple Arcade” and “Google Play Pass” cost 600 yen per month (some games are designed to be advertised).

・MoviePass, which has been providing “unlimited access” to movie theaters [editor’s note: went bankrupt in 2007], has launched “MoviePass 2.0” as part of its re-launch. This service has a function that pauses advertisements when they are played in the application and the user looks away from the smartphone screen.



These are the quotes from the article




Into the ultimate age where advertising is unavoidable.


We have come to use many subscription services today, but at the same time, we have also come into more contact with advertising.


・Free or low cost for services with ads

・Ad-free service is paid for (if paid, no ads)


This form has become the norm.


The most common free ad-supported service is television. On the other hand, paid ad-free services include Netflix and Disney +.

Both services had advantages and disadvantages, such as free for a fee, with or without advertisements, and were segregated.


However, recently, the paid ad-free service has started to add ads, as shown above. (Like, if you want to go ad-free, you have to pay extra, as you have been doing.)


As a user who has paid for and enjoyed ad-free service, I’m thinking, “What the heck?” I think.^^;

But users who have been enclosed will have no choice but to follow this trend.

After all, users may not be able to escape advertising attacks.


And now, the most surprising and noteworthy information.


When an advertisement is played in the application, the advertisement pauses when the user looks away from the smartphone screen.


This is the ultimate in inescapable advertising attacks.


In the past, I would go to the bathroom or get a drink during TV commercials.

Even though it was inevitable that advertisements would be played, we were able to avoid them.

The ability to stop the ad if you look away (you have to watch the ad to go to the next one) means that you can’t avoid the ad either. (Facial recognition technology on smartphones is likely to be utilized for this ad viewing function)


Don’t you think this is a very big deal?


Until recently, you could escape advertisements by joining a paid plan. But recently, ads have started to appear even on paid plans. And finally, there are some features that require you to watch the ads properly.


Once again, it seemed that we were entering an ultimate era in which it was impossible to escape or avoid advertising attacks.


See you then.



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You can’t escape advertising, but how you perceive it is up to you. Basically, I believe that what I want after seeing an ad is what I don’t need.




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