Asking for favors by email is 30 times less successful than in person.

【Asking for favors via email is about 30 times less successful than in person】


・Experiments at the University of Waterloo, Canada, report that the probability of getting a request heard via email is inferior to that in person.

・E-mail requests were about 30 times less likely to be followed up by the recipient than in-person requests.

・He stated that asking for a favor by email is a biased, self-centered request that is solely focused on your point of view and lacks empathy.


These are the quotes from the article




The request success rate is obviously better in person than by email, but 30 times is great.


Of course it is better to make requests in person, but it is surprising that the success rate of requests differs 30 times between e-mail and in person.


Success rates for requests are,

Face-to-face: 7.15%

Email: 0.21%


And the success rate of the compared requests, including phone and Zoom, is,

In-person: 4.00%.

Video call: 2.86%

Video message: 2.13%

Phone calls: 2.21%

Voice message: 2.44%


A comparison of these figures shows how bad a tool email is.


Well, video calls are not as bad in numbers as emails because you can see their faces!

Yes, I remember writing this blog before.


【The key points are eye contact, location, and flowers. Psychology that makes it easy for requests to be accepted.】


Data shows that when you make eye contact and ask for a favor, you are twice as likely to be accepted.


To increase the success rate, it is still important to make requests (requests) face to face and eye to eye.


Just wondering,

If we rank the means of success rate of requests based on the numbers above,

1st: face-to-face, 2nd: video call, 3rd: voice message, 4th: phone call, 5th: video message, bottom: email


It goes like this.


If I think in terms of eye contact criteria, I can understand up to the second place video call, but I don’t understand the lineup after that and why it is the way it is.


Well, I guess I don’t have to worry about the numbers other than in person and by email because the difference is so slight? LOL.



When you look at the 30 times higher number, it is even more important to make requests and requests in person. (Even video calls, which come in second, have a 70% success rate compared to face-to-face meetings.)


See you then.



Nowadays, many people confess on line, etc., but for those who are in the line of duty, face-to-face is definitely better. But does it also mean that those who get OKs from LINE confessions had a very high chance of getting an OK to begin with, regardless of whether it was 30 times or not? LOL.




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