Electric bicycles that don’t need recharging! I think a lot about what an amazing technology.

【World’s First “Electric Bicycle” That Does Not Require Recharging: Battery Power Recovers While Riding! New technology that keeps running as long as the battery does not break down】


・The “Smart E-Bike” was developed by Takutoshi Iwashita, president of Kumamoto-based Hello Space.

・The “Smart E-Bike,” however, can run for about two years without recharging, according to a test conducted at the street-riding level. The battery used has a lifespan of approximately two years, which means that “the bike can continue to run as long as the battery does not break down.

・The technology to eliminate resistance to the utmost limit and superconductivity technology allow the car to generate electricity even during acceleration, eliminating the need for recharging.

・Toyota Tsusho’s (Toyota Group) Nexte Electronics has evaluated the technology itself as innovative, and is cooperating with us in the development of the base.



The above is a quote from the article






I think a lot about this amazing technology that doesn’t need recharging.


This seems to have been broadcast on TV, isn’t it amazing?


I personally think that it would have been better to wait until the patent was officially granted before appearing on TV.


I think it is such an amazing technology.


Since this is an idea for a bicycle that was originally intended for automobiles, it is easy to imagine that this technology will be applied to automobiles. And the automobile industry is not going to just sit back and let this technology happen (in fact, with the cooperation of companies, it seems). (In fact, it seems that companies are cooperating with this project, and many visitors have come to see it.)


Still, I wonder how it works. (In fact, they are getting cooperation from companies and many visitors are visiting the site. ^^ ^^


Superconductivity technology, huh? I did a little research on the Internet.


When a material made by mixing certain substances is cooled, a phenomenon called “loss of electrical resistance” occurs. This phenomenon is called superconductivity.


Hmmm…if you cool things down so much, the electrical resistance disappears and the electricity keeps flowing.


I wonder how this smart e-bike works. What kind of materials are used and how are they cooled?


Just thinking about it is exciting.


At any rate, it is an amazing technology, and I hope that it will be well protected and put into shape.

See you then.


During the bubble period (34 years ago), ordinary income for all Japanese companies was less than 40 trillion yen. Today, it has doubled to over 80 trillion yen. Although it has doubled, the Nikkei average has only returned to the bubble period. Compared to 34 years ago, stock prices overseas are three times higher in South Korea, nine times higher in Germany, and 14 times higher in the United States. Looking at these figures, Japanese companies, regardless of size, are doing well, and I personally believe that there are structural problems in Japan. For example, how and where to utilize amazing technologies like this one is also a structural viewpoint. (If foreign capital takes it away, it’s over.)



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